Anchor Winch Monitoring and Control

Anchor winch monitoring provides operators with highly accurate measurements of a number of required anchor line parameters.

As can be seen on the system graphic, a wide range of sensor inputs can be utilised while sensor set-up and alarm set-points can be easily accessed and modified through the main HMI maintenance screen itself.

A simplified overview graphic of the anchor winches information is used to offer precise information of the system allowing for rapid intervention if required.

The System Monitors:

• Line Tension

• Line Pay-Out length

• Pay-Out / Reel in Rate

• Alarms set points

Mechanical Running Line Monitor

The mechanical running line monitor (RLM) offers by far the simplest RLM setup on the market. It is ideal for the rapid measurement of tension on any wireline; the unit can also be supplied with length measurement capabilities to measure line pay-out.


• All mechanical construction – no electronics

• Stainless steel plates

• Load readings up to 100 metric tonnes

• Wire diameter capacity of 12-70mm

• Payout readings of up to 9999m

• Highly accurate readings

• Small and lightweight by comparison to other RLM

• Simple setup and ease of Installation


• Length Measurement

• Remote reading


RLM 20

RLM 100

Load Measurement

2-20 t

20-100 t

Wire Diamter

12-32 mm

30-70 mm

Length Measurement



Length Capacity

9999 m

9999 m

Load Accuracy

+/- 0.3%

+/- 0.3%

Sensor Weight

26 Kg

79 Kg

Sensor Dimensions

720 x 200 x 540 mm

1350 x 200 x 715 mm