Diverter Controls

The KFDJ and KFDS Diverter and associated control panels are safety critical pieces of well control equipment, designed to prevent the diverter from closing in the well and direct high-pressure wellbore flow safely overboard and away from the operating area and outside the path of normal drilling mud circulation.

To perform this task, the Diverter is designed to close the annulus and divert the kick to the overboard valves, valve sequences can be pre-set so that the diverter only closes the packer element once there is a safe path for the returns to flow, sequence valves can also actuate lockdown dogs to maintain various elements of the diverter in place during the well control situation.

RCP have experience in refurbishing and testing existing diverter control units at our Kintore workshop, we also design and build various types of Diverter control panels to suit your individual needs, from the traditional Koomey type 80 diverter skids to the more modern PLC controlled variations.