Collision Avoidance

Racking Arm Collision Warning Systems

The Racking Arm collision avoidance system will monitor the change in state of up to 3 dynamic functions of the URA, (Upper Racking Arm) – Trolley travel, gripper arm slew and arm telescope.

The PLC controlled system senses URA position by means of intrinsically safe proximity sensors located and positioned to monitor a number of targets fitted onto the URA.

In a similar manner the Lower Racking Arm, (LRA), can also be monitored.

For added safety the sensor selection offers a failsafe operation, once the targets are no longer sensed and depending upon the logic of the PLC, the operators (Derrickman and Driller) will see a visual indication on a warning lamp station turn from green (safe) to red (hazard), a beacon will also sound which indicates that the racking arm is in a potentially hazardous position. A pushbutton alarm accept is used to silence the system however the red lamp will stay illuminated until the racking arm has returned to a recognised “Safe” position.

The system is designed to offer both audible and visual warnings to the Derrickman and Driller that a real potential for collision exists between the racking arms and travelling blocks.

Should any sensor fail or a cable break the system shall revert to an alarm state until the fault has been rectified.

RCP utilise wireless technology to rapidly install and monitor the angle of the link tilt to indicate its status. Combined with the TBM a powerful collision avoidance or warning system can be implemented.

All RCP Anti-collision systems (ACS) are designed to integrate with the new generation of TBM, RCP are experts in the design of automated safety management systems.

Our solutions have been proven to be highly effective in the prevention of drill floor collisions and prevent considerable time and costs associated with investigations and downtime.

Other potential equipment collision points for which we have a solution for include:

Monkey board / Dolly Retract / Access basket / Drill Floor Manipulator Arm / Iron roughneck / Case Stabbing Board / Raised Back System / Stabmaster / Upper, intermediate and lower racking arms / Catwalk.