Cabin Pressurisation

Drillers Pressurisation Systems

By fitting a pressurisation system to any cabin located within a potentially hazardous area allows the operator to re-classify the cabin to an area of continued safe operation, this solution offers massive cost savings when installing or refurbishing equipment as it removes the need to fit explosion-proof equipment into the cabin.

Standard industrial equipment can quite safely be installed in its place, it should also be noted that standard industrial equipment is generally available off the shelf whereas its EEx equivalent can cost several times more and tends to be on a much longer lead time. Furthermore with a safe area cabin third party vendors and service companies will not have to pass on the time and expense of making their temporary equipment EEx compliant. Future changes in the cabin layout and design are far quicker and costs will be reduced without the need for hazardous area considerations.

RCP pressurisation system is unique in that it is the only system on the market that utilises dual fans with a dual sensors package to maintain a slight overpressure within the cabin. The air intake fans will be positioned at either side of an installation i.e. port, and starboard, upon the detection of gas or smoke the appropriate fan will be switched off and a fire damper will be closed preventing any intake of noxious fumes. The auxiliary fan is switched on and clean air is automatically provided to the cabin from the second fan maintaining the cabins pressure and safe area classification allowing the personnel to continue to operate equipment.