Travelling Block Monitor

The very latest generation of Travelling Block Monitor (TBM) collision avoidance systems was launched in August 2016.

The TBM is an advanced electronic floor and crown saver which monitors a number of travelling block parameters and calculates a safe working envelope for the blocks. Should the blocks exceed the predefined safe working envelope the system will automatically initiate the auxiliary brake to slow and if necessary stop the block in a controlled manner.

The latest TBM design is an important step forward in the next generation of drill floor safety management incorporating new features such as event logging. The system has a capacity for displaying and re-calling historical system data and includes inbuilt system and sensor diagnostics, the new TBM has also been designed to be virtually maintenance free.

The system offers, as standard a number of Anti-collision or Zone management inputs which will enable a greater degree of safety management integration with third party equipment making it highly flexible.

The greater functionality and flexibility of the 3rd generation system makes it by far the most cost effective solution in drill floor safety management on the market.

The TBM system has been proved time and again to avert serious equipment collisions on the drill floor making it a much safer environment for personnel to work in.

Link Tilt Monitoring

In our experience the link tilt poses one of the greatest threats for collision with other equipment in the derrick, poorly positioned pipe handling equipment or even a simple failure on the link tilt retract cylinder can be a real risk to personnel working below.

RCP utilise wireless technology to rapidly install and monitor the angle of the link tilt to indicate its status. Combined with the TBM a powerful collision avoidance or warning system can be implemented.

All RCP Anti-collision systems (ACS) are designed to integrate with the new generation of TBM, RCP are experts in the design of automated safety management systems.

Our solutions have been proven to be highly effective in the prevention of drill floor collisions and prevent considerable time and costs associated with investigations and downtime.

Other potential equipment collision points for which we have a solution for include:

Monkey Board / Dolly Retract / Access Basket / Drill Floor Manipulator Arm / Iron Roughneck / Case Stabbing Board / Raised Back System / Stabmaster / Upper, Intermediate and Lower Racking Arms / Catwalk.

Drawworks Chirper

A small but powerful system that senses minute downward drawworks rotation, the system is generally fitted to ensure the main brake has been set to a position that is guaranteed to hold the blocks, should the brake slip the system will alarm immediately. Should an RCP TBM already be fitted a software upgrade would be all that is required.

Other potential drill floor collision points:

Link Tilt / Monkey Board / Access Basket / DFMA / Iron Roughneck / CSB / RBS / Stabmaster / Upper and Lower Racking Arms