Eddy Current Brake Monitor Unit (BMU)

The Eddy Current BMU is a PLC based system which actively monitors the auxiliary brakes critical control components , the system is designed to monitor a wide range of power requirements, control inputs, outputs and also the flow and temperature of the cooling circuit. The BMU is also programmed to perform a continuous self – check to ensure that there are no system faults.

Should a fault be sensed in the brake circuit or the PLC the BMU will announce the fault, in the event of a fault being detected in a less critical component the system will activate audible and visual alarms located within the Driller’s Cabin however should a critical fault be sensed such as a loss of control power the BMU will immediately apply the battery back-up contactor to connect the batteries across the brake coils which allows the operator to bring the blocks to a safe and controlled stop.

Typical faults that would see the BMU de-energise the battery back-up contactor and connect the batteries would be: loss of phase on the power supply and a signal mismatch between the brake handle control signal input and the output current being applied to the eddy current brake coils. A representative list is given below.

When an RCP BMU is in operation the operator can be fully confident that total control and full power to the brakes is available at all times offering confidence in his equipment.

Typical points monitored by the BMU include:

• AC Phase Status

• PLC status

• Battery Backup Available

• Charger Heathy

• Brake Coil Failure 1 & 2

• Earth Fault 1 & 2

• Command Signal Mismatch

• High Temperature Alarm

• Brake cooling circuit temperature and level monitoring

RCP can also supply a disc brake monitor where critical components such as HPU pressures, fluid temperatures and levels are all monitored.